Basics of Carpet Binding

According to carpet cleaning Birmingham carpet binding, it is a process of making sure that your room that is too large for one piece of carpeting can be covered whole. Binding joins the seams of different pieces of carpeting and helps keep the seams from unraveling. Binding tape can also be used to match the color of the carpet.

Select Carpet Binding Tape

Select carpet binding tape that matches or is close to the color of the carpet that you are seaming. Hardware stores and home improvement centers carry a wide variety of tapes that can be used to bind pieces of carpeting together. You can choose tape that can be adhered with different iron settings such as hot or cool or not require an iron at all.

Bind Carpet Seams

Lay the carpet and at the end of each seam place tape to join the edges of one piece to another. Follow the instructions on the package to ensure that both ends are properly joined as suggested by carpet cleaning Birmingham. Use the carpet seam iron to join the two edges by heating up the adhesive on the carpet binding tape.

Use Remnants for Touch-Up

Keep on hand remnant pieces of the carpeting in order to perform touch up repairs on any rips or tears that may occur. The remnants can be trimmed to fit into the repair area and set in place using the carpet binding tape to set the replacement piece in place.

Allow Carpet Seam to Set-Up

You need to press the seams in place firmly before completing the installation of the carpet. When the carpet has been completely installed, go over the area of the floor where the seam has been placed and walk over to determine if the seams have matched. You should allow time for the seam to join naturally before permitting heavy traffic over the carpet surface.

If you choose to do this work yourself, consult with a carpet store professional or home improvement carpeting specialist for additional hints and advice before attempting a carpet binding project. You can also ask advice from carpet cleaning Birmingham if you are looking to do a carpet binding project soon.