Carpet Beetles: Getting Rid of Them

The most well-known pest in carpets is carpet beetles. You have to get rid of them right away once you find out that you have some living in your carpets. The best way to know if there are carpet beetles in your carpets is when you see some damages in your carpets, they usually leave some holes by gnawing on your carpets. It is hard to detect them because they are so small but you may have already seen them and you did not know they are carpet beetles. If you see some reddish brown or reddish yellow bug that flies toward the light then chances are they are carpet beetles.

Here are some steps that you can take to avoid further damage to your carpets. Identify the areas that has already been damaged. They can be hidden under furniture, undersides, crack in the floors, storage box and even closets. The best way to avoid infestation is by maintaining your carpets clean and dry. If there is a spill or lint, you have to clean it right away to avoid inviting these pests.

Treat the areas damaged right away. If you already know where the damage has been done. You have to treat it right away to remove and avoid further damages to your carpet. According to carpet cleaner Birmingham, it is best to thoroughly clean your house first before starting with the treatment. Once your house is thoroughly cleaned, you can kill these pests either by heat or freezing. You can keep the damaged items in a freezer for a minimum of two days. Another way is to have your carpets dry cleaned!

Treat with the carpets with chemicals. To remove these carpet beetles, you can use insecticides and multiple treatments but if you have a baby at home, you may opt out of this option. Insecticide can be harmful to your baby’s skin and if you want to make sure that your carpets are clean. You can call an expert carpet cleaner Birmingham to eliminate them as soon as possible and at the same time in a safe way for your carpets and babies.

The best way to avoid carpet beetles from infesting your carpets and furniture are by maintaining it and keeping it clean. If you are having a hard time doing so, you can ask a professional to do it for you. Carpet Cleaner Birmingham can do the work fast and on reasonable costs. Contact us now!


Cleaning Ink Off Carpets

As suggested by carpet cleaning Birmingham, learning how to remove ink from carpet without the use of harmful chemicals is possible. Many people are learning that daily household items are marvelous to clean with. One of these household items is the rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, when mixed properly with water, can clean ink off the carpet with little to no problem at all and it’s very basic.

To clean ink off carpet you will need:

  • 70 to 90 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • A clean soft rag

Treat the ink stain.

To begin cleaning ink off carpet you will need to treat the ink stain. Soak a small section of the rag with the rubbing alcohol. Holding the rag firmly, begin to dab the alcohol-soaked rag on the ink stain. According to carpet cleaning Birmingham, do not rub the stain. Rubbing the stain will cause the ink to spread and will make it almost impossible to get out.

Allow the stain to rest.

After you have saturated the ink stain with the rubbing alcohol you will need to let it rest. This will allow the rubbing alcohol to do the work for you. Allowing 30 minutes to an hour will be enough time for the ink stain to break down and to be easily removed from the carpet.

Rinse the stain.

Do not pour water on the stain during this step. Pouring liquid on the stain will only make the stain spread and you will have a harder time, if not an impossible time, removing the ink stain from the carpet. Soak a portion of your rag in plain water. Begin dabbing the stain with the water-soaked rag. Allow the water to move through the stain. You will begin to see the ink stain fade off the carpet.

Repeat if necessary.

If the ink stain on the carpet is a particularly tough stain you may find that repeating steps one through three are necessary. These steps can be repeated several times until you reach the desired effect and the ink stain has been removed from the carpet fibers. Remember to blot the alcohol and the water on the stain. Never rub the stain and never pour the liquid directly on the ink stain.

If all these necessary steps have been taken and stain still exists, then it’s best to call an expert. Call carpet cleaner Birmingham immediately to treat and remove stains from your carpet.

What You Need To Know About Cleaning New Carpets

Cleaning new carpet can be a bit confusing for some people. Professional cleaning can keep the fibers on the carpet clean and not matted down from dirt and overuse. According to carpet cleaning Birmingham, if there are pets and children in your home, you will need a good method for new carpet cleaning to give your carpet a fighting chance of looking good for a long period of time.

Remove Stains Immediately

When you are trying to keep your new carpet tidy, you will want to be sure to tidy up any spills as soon as they happen. New carpet cleaning should involve a good management plan for stains and spills. One of the ways that permanent stains occur is that they are not dealt with soon enough after they happen. It is a lot easier to prevent a spill from turning into a stain than it is to remove a stain.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Get your carpet on a cleaning schedule. You can rent professional cleaning machines for your new carpet cleaning. There are some areas of your home that will require more frequent cleanings than others. Develop a plan for cleaning your carpet on a rotating basis. For instance, in those areas that are heavily walked and will most likely need more frequent cleaning, plan to bring in the equipment twice a year. Other areas of the home can get by with once a year cleaning. If you are dealing with a heavily soiled carpet situation such as families with small children and pets, you may require more frequent cleaning.

Shoes Off

It is suggested by carpet cleaning Birmingham that one of the best ways to keep the carpet clean is to have everyone remove their shoes when they enter your home. This is the practice of many people, and it is a tremendous way to keep your carpet looking new. New carpet cleaning will be much easier if you can keep the dirt that is tracked in with shoes out of your house.

Buy a Steam Cleaner

Investing in a steam cleaner or professional grade carpet cleaner is a tremendous way to always have it on hand when a stain occurs. These machines can be expensive, but they are well worth the price when you consider the cost of replacing your carpet sooner than you really should have to. The new carpet cleaning that you can do with your own carpet cleaning machine will ensure that you are on schedule and that there is no excuse for missing the cleaning date.

If you need a professional carpet cleaner do the job for you call carpet cleaning Birmingham. They are always ready to take care of any stain or mess on your carpets.

Basics of Carpet Binding

According to carpet cleaning Birmingham carpet binding, it is a process of making sure that your room that is too large for one piece of carpeting can be covered whole. Binding joins the seams of different pieces of carpeting and helps keep the seams from unraveling. Binding tape can also be used to match the color of the carpet.

Select Carpet Binding Tape

Select carpet binding tape that matches or is close to the color of the carpet that you are seaming. Hardware stores and home improvement centers carry a wide variety of tapes that can be used to bind pieces of carpeting together. You can choose tape that can be adhered with different iron settings such as hot or cool or not require an iron at all.

Bind Carpet Seams

Lay the carpet and at the end of each seam place tape to join the edges of one piece to another. Follow the instructions on the package to ensure that both ends are properly joined as suggested by carpet cleaning Birmingham. Use the carpet seam iron to join the two edges by heating up the adhesive on the carpet binding tape.

Use Remnants for Touch-Up

Keep on hand remnant pieces of the carpeting in order to perform touch up repairs on any rips or tears that may occur. The remnants can be trimmed to fit into the repair area and set in place using the carpet binding tape to set the replacement piece in place.

Allow Carpet Seam to Set-Up

You need to press the seams in place firmly before completing the installation of the carpet. When the carpet has been completely installed, go over the area of the floor where the seam has been placed and walk over to determine if the seams have matched. You should allow time for the seam to join naturally before permitting heavy traffic over the carpet surface.

If you choose to do this work yourself, consult with a carpet store professional or home improvement carpeting specialist for additional hints and advice before attempting a carpet binding project. You can also ask advice from carpet cleaning Birmingham if you are looking to do a carpet binding project soon.

Babies And Carpet Cleaning In Birmingham

As parents, our number one goal is to make sure that our child is healthy and safe especially when they are still a baby. Babies are very sensitive when it comes to everything that touches their skin or something they smell. You have to make sure that your carpet is clean before letting your baby play on the floor. Carpet Cleaner Birmingham says that a dirty carpet can compromise your baby’s health. For example, you have a dirty carpet that already accumulated a lot of dirt and your baby touches it. The possibilities are endless. It is important that you keep your carpet clean!

You also have to consider the products that will be used to clean your carpets. Some cleaning chemicals that are used to clean our carpets can be very harmful to babies. There are available baby friendly carpet cleaning agents in the market now. All you have to do is ask your carpet cleaners Birmingham to know such products.

You also have to consider getting your carpets dry cleaned since moisture left unattended on your carpets, can lead to mold and harm your baby’s health.

When you have a baby at home, it is very important that you have a clean carpet before they start to crawl. The best option you have is to hire a professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning Birmingham offers an option to use baby-friendly cleaning agents for your carpets. The can make sure that the process will be safe for your baby as well as your carpet.Our top priority is to make sure that we will not compromise anyone’s health.

We have years of cleaning experience that taught us a baby-friendly approach. If you want to know about our services, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be more than happy to discuss it with you. Contact us now!


Carpet Cleaning Birmingham: Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are a bit expensive compared to the synthetic ones. Wool reacts to certain cleaning products like most natural fibres. Since wool is more pricey, you have to take great care of it or else it will lose its beauty and get damaged. Carpet cleaners Birmingham suggests that you ask a professional first before using any products to avoid this from happening. We listed out why you should consider buying wool carpets.

Wool carpets are flame resistant. Since wool comes from sheep, it is naturally flame resistant. Another good thing about wool carpets is that they can self-extinguish fire because of the upper pile forming and it will not easily melt when in contact with high temperatures

Wool carpet is a healthy option. The natural material it is made from makes it non-allergic and hygienic. It deters the growth of bacteria and dust mites at the same time it does not have harmful gasses. It gives an added grip such as good posture, balance and accident prevention. If you have asthma, this is the best carpet for you since it also has a natural filtering ability.

Wool carpets are environmentally friendly. Since it is removed from sheep during summer months and it grows back in time to keep them warm in winter. Wool is a natural material and it is recyclable and biodegradable. According to carpet cleaner Birmingham, the production of wool carpets is environmentally friendly saving more energy.

Wool carpet lasts long if well taken care of. Imagine how wool protects sheep from harmful materials making it strong.

Wool looks elegant and luxurious. If you want a carpet that looks good and at the same time natural, you can opt for wool carpets. It adds elegance and luxury when used in a room and it feels good on your feet too!

If you already have a wool carpet in your home and you need someone to give it a good clean. Do not hesitate to give us a call. Carpet cleaning Birmingham is an expert when it comes to maintaining and cleaning wool carpets!


How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpets In Birmingham

How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpets In Birmingham

Carpets will help the room achieve a look only if they are maintained properly. You do not have to buy a new one every time your carpet gets dirty. Carpet cleaners Birmingham knows that it can be too costly when you keep on buying carpets often so we gathered simple tips on how to extend the life of your carpets.

  • Keep your carpets clean and as much as possible, avoid getting them dirty. A dirty carpet is an eyesore as well as dangerous if you have kids in your home. Dirt and some small insects, tend to accumulate and grow in your carpets when they are not kept clean. This could lead to triggering your children’s allergies resulting to health hazard. It is important to keep your carpets clean.Dirt also harms your carpets. It grates and scratches the fibres of the carpet causing it to wear out. THis happens a lot in a high traffic area of your home. Carpet cleaning Birmingham suggest that you take off your shoes when entering your home to lessen the dirt getting in your carpets.
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly and frequently. This will help extend the lifespan of your carpet, it will lessen the dirt that can harm your carpets. It is advisable to vacuum your carpets, two to four times a week especially in high traffic areas. Accumulation of dirt in your carpets will be avoided. Just make sure that the setting of the vacuum is intended for carpet cleaning.
  • Clean spot stains as soon as they touch your carpets. Spills can be avoided but when it happens, make sure that you clean your carpet right away. Get some paper towels and absorb any liquid and clean up any solids from your carpet. If you do not clean it right away it will soak into the fibres and paddings that can cause damage. To avoid this from happening, make a rule in your home to keep snacking and drinking in the kitchen. This will lessen the possibility of spills.
  • Rearrange your furniture from time to time. If you keep your furnitures in one place, it will wear your carpet without you even noticing it. Rearrange furniture so that traffic course will change.
  • Hire a professional to clean and check your carpets regularly. Carpet cleaner Birmingham advises that you get professional carpet cleaning every one or two years. It is also like changing the oil of your car. Maintenance will help your carpets last longer.

If you want to know the trusted carpet cleaning services in Birmingham, do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Secrets You Must Know About Your Carpets In Birmingham

Secrets You Must Know About Your Carpets In Birmingham

Carpet cleaning Birmingham says that investing in quality carpet protection can go a long way. You get what you pay for and when you buy the cheapest carpet cleaning protector do not expect that it will hold off the liquid like the trusted ones do. The main reason that there are carpet protectors is because it helps avoids stains permanently staying on your carpet. When you buy a carpet protector that is not trusted, it may worsen the stain on your carpet.

Remove wax by using heat. If your carpet has candle tears all over, you can simply remove this using heat. Simply place a clean cloth over your carpet then place a warm iron on top of the cloth to heat the candle tears then use a blunt knife to scrape off the wax.

Vacuum regularly! It is very important that you vacuum regularly. It will help extend the life of your carpets and reduce any health hazards that your carpet can give if not maintained properly.

Do not scrub or rub stains, blot them! If a spill happens, do not rub or scrub it off, blot it with a dry paper towel and let it absorb the spill and the area that is affected.

Do not trust a shop bought stain remover. Your carpets need specific stain removers for different types of carpet. You have to know first what type of carpet you have and do some research on things that can harm it especially when you have an expensive one.

Invest in professional carpet cleaning Birmingham services. It will save you a lot of money in the long run rather having your carpet replaced altogether.

Make sure that you are hiring the most trusted carpet cleaning services in Birmingham. Give us a call and we can help you maintain your carpets without harming them! Contact us now.


Tips On Removing Pet Stains On Your Carpet In Birmingham

Tips On Removing Pet Stains On Your Carpet In Birmingham

One of the reasons why people get cruel owners is because the responsibility it takes to keep a pet. If your pet keeps on peeing in the same place, it’s because they associate their understanding with their sense of smell. If they pee in that area, they will keep on doing that unless you remove the smell from that area.

Here are some tips from carpet cleaning Birmingham on how to prevent your pets from peeing in your carpets!

  • Discourage your pet from peeing inside your home. Scold them every time they do it bu it is not necessary you hit them. You will deliver a message to them that you do not want it to happen again. Always reward them with a treat if they do pee outside, so they will do it again. They will be able to get used to it in time.
  • Remove any existing pet smell or odors from your carpets. You can hire a professional like carpet cleaning Birmingham to do it for you. You will be sure that the smell will disappear.
  • Remove new pet stains right away, For example, your dog peed on the carpet, get some paper towels and spread them all over the affected area. Do this until you have absorbed the urine from the carpet. Wash your carpets right away and if it still smells, use vinegar to clean the carpet again.
  • Remove old pet stains from your carpets. This could be tough since the stain already aged. Do not experiment on some cleaning agents because this may harm your carpets instead of helping you remove the stains. Be sure that you are using the recommended cleaning agent for the type of carpet you have because each type of carpet has its own cleaning needs.

If you have a lot of pet stains in your home and you think that one person cannot accomplish the job. You can give your local carpet cleaning Birmingham to do the job for you. We can clean your pet stains making sure that your carpets would not get harmed in the process. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you and your dog out!


Carpet Cleaner Birmingham: Anti-Stain Protector And How It Works

Carpet Cleaner Birmingham: Anti-Stain Protector And How It Works

Scotchgard, Stainguard, Teflon, Guardsman – there are many brands of ‘stain protector’ in the cleaningl market place, but what do they actually do? How do they work? Well first of all, stain protectors are designed to adhere to the fibre – whether it’s on a carpet or upholstery and are essentially a sort of soft coating. Need an anti stain protector? You can ask carpet cleaning Birmingham to install one for you.

It is manufactured this way deliberately because if it was a hard coating (which is more resilient) and then it would dramatically alter the texture and make it feel so very hard a bit like varnish. So it has to remain really soft but the only downside is that it won’t last very long and will slowly lose it’s effectiveness as time goes by. But of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t give great protection.

So how does anti-stain protector really work? Well the protectors molecules bond to the fibre surface and then once fully dried and cured can stop lots of different liquids from permanently staining the carpet. This gives you time to blot it up before it goes any further. The anti-stain protector will not stop the liquid from penetrating the carpet. Not because the carpet cleaning Birmingham hasn’t applied it correctly – or used the wrong product so it’s kind of a waste. It just means that the protector can only do so much  for you and you should keep it in mind that it is  not a hard coating.

Not all liquids will bead up on the surface of your carpet. Some liquids will, others won’t as it depends on the temperature of the liquid, the content of the liquid & the fibre make up. Remember there are some instances when even if a protector is applied correctly it won’t bead up – especially if it’s a synthetic yarn in a woven construction for instance. ANother thing to keep in mind when you have an anti-stain protector is that the actual wear to the fibre is reduced because you are essentially wearing the coating of the protector before you actually wear the fibre itself.

Your carpets will be saved from premature wearing and anti-stain protector is actually more affordable compared to changing your carpets! For a good product to work, it’s like anything in life – you get what you pay for so you need to do some research on this. So beware of very cheap ‘quotes’ that say that they will apply a protector for what seems a fantastically low price. They could actually be spraying water down instead of protector, and you would never even know about it! Call Carpet Cleaner Birmingham, the most trusted expert on carpet cleaning services in Birmingham!