Carpet Cleaning Birmingham: The Dangers of Removing Stains On Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Birmingham: The Dangers of Removing Stains On Your Carpets

Have you dropped something on your carpet, and your instinct tells you to grab up any thing dry to remove it as quickly as possible or in an instant? Your first thought is probably to wipe it up clean? Maybe you’re thinking of using a good cleaning product that you think will help but will only worsen the spill. Even when the product says that it is a carpet cleaning or a stain removal product.

You have always trusted the magic cleaner that you purchased and hope that it is going to save your carpet. Well, it could contain something very harsh that could actually ruin it! With no assurance that it will be returning it back to how it should look. Carpet cleaner Birmingham fully understands! There are two issues with these supermarket available products – we see these nearly every day, and the worse thing is that you are not completely unaware of their destructive nature. You tell yourself they are brands on TV and they can be trusted but we’re afraid that there is more to the product than meets the eye.

It may have already ruined your carpet or upholstery. After attempting to remove the stain and being unsuccessful, you should now consider calling a professional carpet cleaning Birmingham in the hopes that they can fix your carpet. But the main problem is that since the cleaner was already applied the stain might have already set in the carpet. This means that the stain structure on the carpet has been altered by the wrong chemical ingredient applied to it. The cleaning product used may be a well household brand but it is very different from the products professional carpet cleaner Birmingham uses. The professional you called faces a very difficult stain to try and remove and the truth is it may not be able to be removed. The reason is simple because the stain has been ‘set’ and it changed the stain chemically.

This should be a learning curve for you and your carpets. If the value of a carpet or upholstered item is of great importance to you it would certainly be more cost effective to call out a professional cleaning cleaner Birmingham in the first place! We may have complete success in removing it and without ruining the carpet or upholstery. It will be saving you a lot of money in replacement costs of the carpet.

Can a small bottle of ‘carpet cleaning’ or ‘stain remover’ product costing a few pounds – potentially cost you thousands of pounds? Yes, it can, so be smart and call a professional carpet cleaner Birmingham!